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Launch A Podcast Your Audience Will Be Excited To Hear

Looking to make a breakthrough in the world of Podcasting?

Podcasting is both an art and a science. The unfortuante truth is most people never start their podcast because they simply don't know how to. In this course you will learn everything from what equiptement you need to how to make sure your audiece is excited for your show to come out every week.

From hardware to listener persona we cover all the basics so you aren’t left more confused than when you started.

Put the the basic skills you learn to good use with actionable steps you can follow for a path to success.

Learn how to turn your audience to $$$ the right way to keep growing and start getting paid for what you love to do.

Learn at your comfort from your home without the pressure of keeping up with a schedule that your life isn't ready for

Engage with your peers and special guest appearances from some of the top podcast hosts in the world.

Demystify the tools and stategies required for you to publish your first episode and grow for years to come.

The Course Breakdown

The Masters of Computer Science program focuses on the design and implementation of software as well as the development of algorithms to solve real world problems. You will study a variety of courses to develop skills in the following areas:

Developing A Listener Avatar

This course will prepare you to meet the rampantly growing need for security experts who can protect data and information in servers and computers from malicious attacks.

Show Formats That Succeed

Understanding of computer networks with in-depth knowledge of the workings and structure of a computer network. Post this course, you will learn to effectively plan and design a computer network.

Podcast Hardware & Software

Through our course, you will learn what Artificial Intelligence (AI) really is and dive into its applications and gain a deep understanding of AI concepts.

Guest Prospecting & Strategy

To understand database concepts and use of basic knowledge of SQL. This course will guide you in getting started to perform SQL access in a hands-on data science environment.

Podcast Recording How To's

We will take you on a tour through the cloud computing systems. You will understand virtualization and the use of cloud computing in infrastructure development.

Publishing Your First Podcast

Learn to build a basic mobile application with in-depth understanding of backend support. Post this course, you will have earn proficiency to build and release your own app.

Growth Strategies

Learn algorithms to deal with optimal matchings, flight scheduling, finding disjoint paths, and image segmentation in computer vision. You will also earn a good grasp of algorithmic structural thinking.


After this course, you will learn to architect SaaS applications. Databases and distributed cloud structures will be covered. You will earn a deep understanding of the key KPIs and also the metrics in the SaaS world.

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