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According to a recent study by Accurize Market Research, by 2026 people will spend 398.3 BILLION DOLLARS on e-learning.

398.3 BILLION.

Holy Shit.

So you're jumping in at the right time.

All that money out there for the's a rich market for sure.

But here's the're not alone.

For the 398.3 BILLION dollars out there, there are also 398.3 BILLION solopreneurs out there who also want a slice of the pie. (Well, maybe not that many...but a lot!)

So you need to outsmart them...out distinguish them...out SEO them!

More than likely you have heard about SEO...That's probably how you ended up here: trying to understand the mythical way that google will send you traffic at all hours of the day and night.

It revolves around: 

ways to build and structure websites 
so that search engines, like Google 
can match up the internet searches that people make 
with the answers that others (like you!) 
publish in places like websites, blogs, and ONLINE COURSES!
And here’s the BEST PART: It gives you the ability to reach more people without having to dig into your pockets and pay for ads!

Without committing to SEO, however, your content will get lost among the 1.2 BILLION other webpages.


You’ve spent HOURS preparing content and building your course...

You’ve spent HUNDREDS of dollars on Kajabi…

You built it…

But they didn’t come.  (Not yet, anyway!)

Not to worry!

That’s why I’ve created the SEO Optimization Course for Kajabi Users!

After implementing the strategies I teach in this course, google will be much more likely to direct visitors to YOUR Kajabi course instead of those of your competitors!

Who am I?

My name’s Harrison and I’m an SEO Strategist.  That’s what I do!  (100% of my income comes from SEO work!)

My newest site,, receives 1000+ visits per month WITHOUT USING A SINGLE PAID AD (and in only 11 months!)


I also founded the marketing agency Growth Generator, which helps small to midsize companies strategize and optimize their web pages for search engines.  My team and I have helped various industries ranging from small startups to Shark Tank products.  

"Harrison Baron is hands down the most amazing SEO & content creation specialist and coach I've hired for my business & clients to date and I've worked with many. He's simply the real deal with systems and processes that work at getting you results in the long game! Hire him and watch your business grow, I did!" - Angel Hill - Money Doing What You Love

Having strategically planned and implemented SEO for solopreneurs and million-dollar corporations, I know the exact steps to take to increase website visitors.

I’ve packed all of these key strategies into bite-sized modules that you can easily implement and increase traffic!

Why Take My Course?

I built this course because many clients came to me asking, “How can I learn SEO?”

Because It All Boils Down To...

Visitors = Revenue.


While the math may vary slightly, over and over and over the ratios boil down to this:

For every 1000 people that visit your website, 10% of them will leave their email address.  By making offers in your email campaigns, 1-2% of those people will buy.


1000 visitors turn to 100 leads that turn into 1-2 sales.

If you want to make 100 sales, you simply increase your website traffic to 10,000.

Simple math.

Now you can do this a couple of ways.

You can PAY for ads…


You can optimize your SEO so that when people search for solutions to their problems (that you are selling!) YOUR offer shows up FIRST!

So, ultimately, this course pays for itself.  Investing in the knowledge of how to make your content stand out to search engines (and clients!), will continue to generate revenue for years to come! 


What It Looks Like To Take Action.

What You Learn

What the #$@#!@# is SEO anyway?

How Kajabi SEO differs from normal SEO?  (You’d be surprised…)

The 3 simple steps to make keyword research efficient

How to increase your page rankings using “white hat” tactics that search engines love

The difference between on-page and off-page SEO and why it matters!

Seven (YUP SEVEN!!!) KILLER MISTAKES that people make ALL THE TIME and how to avoid them

The difference between internal and external link building and how to use it to crush your competition

How to leverage Google Analytics and Search Console (for FREE!) to create and evaluate tactical strategies

And more!

What's Included?

I walk you through everything that we do at my agency in a smooth logical process that's easy to follow.  (It’s the same process I use to drive tens of thousands of clicks to my clients’ sites who
run million-dollar businesses!)

Live bi-weekly coaching sessions available at various times to fit your busy schedule.  Feeling a
bit confused over some detail?  No problem!  Ask me in person and I’ll give you a hand!

Yup. The industry secrets that no one is giving away for free online.  (Why would they?  It dilutes their effectiveness!)

A combination of recorded videos and live Q+A time allows for endless opportunities to learn at
your own pace AND ask questions along the way.

Ready To Get Started?

Pushing your content to the top of google’s heap can be worth THOUSANDS (if not more) dollars!

So if you want to start getting more website visitors from google, bing, and other search engines:

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SEO Optimization Course for Kajabi Users!

And this isn’t something you should put off!  It takes time to build traffic, so the longer you wait to implement these strategies, the longer it will take to see returns on your investments in time and money!

I want to encourage you to get started right away, (In fact, I wish I had learned the ins and outs of SEO sooner), so I’m going to help you out.

If you sign up for the course in the next 24 hours, I’ll throw in a FREE BONUS!

This free Kajabi Publishing Checklist will help you create KILLER KAJABI CONTENT that will send your reviews through the roof!  

Combine this with strategic SEO and you’ve got a winning plan!

A highly optimized Kajabi page will do wonders for your traffic.  But you know what?  When all those clients start rolling in, having some automations set up in Kajabi will save you HOURS of time. 

 So as an ADDITIONAL BONUS, (because I know you’re going to need it)


You’ll be able to set up automatic email responses that keep clients engaged, continue to build trust, and make more offers.  AUTOMATICALLY!

So once again, you get:
Kajabi SEO Course
One One-on-One Coaching Session
FREE Kajabi Content Publishing Checklist
All for 297$. 

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How Hard Is It To Implement What You Learn?

Simple! I walk you through step by step from fundamentals to implementation. This is the same process I use for my entire agency.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

If you're new to SEO it can take a while to see SEO results. Typically you will be able to see results in as early as a couple of weeks. Content hits its peak ingoogle at the 35-week mark. Most people will see results between 3-6months. SEO isn't a magic pill to make you jump through the rankings. It takes hard work, good strategy, and patience to grow

What Happens If I have A Question?

We encourage everyone who attends the course to attend the Q+A sessions. I will be offering weekly live training to help answer your questions and diagnose your issues. Sessions will be bi-weekly so if you have any questions jump in and ask!

What If I Find Out It’s Not For Me?

I offer a 100% 30-day money-back guarantee. If you don't love what your learning send us an email and we will give you all your money back no questions asked.